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The new CD…                                       Harpin’ Norm’s                                                 The World’s Strongest Man Includes original songs, four on which Harpin’ is joined by  Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward. Lovely songs and harmonies, fab harmonica! How Much Love Strong Enough For Love Raise Your Candles The Sparkle In Your Eyes Never Again I Used To Stop At Nothing Turn My Eyes Away Anything For Love Above The Trees I’ll Love You ‘Till The Cows Come Home The World’s Strongest Man Buy physical CD here: Buy Digital CD (iTunes):...

A Long Day into Night

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Saturday DEC 13TH I entered at the ‘Freetimes Café’ and was asked up on the stage to sit in with Dr B on the opening tune of his ‘Acoustic Medicine Show’! That was fun! Always an honour to sit in with great people on their great songs!

And the day just took off from there!!

My Band with Glen Hornblast

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‘Glen Hornblast’ and I got a few musicians together and started up a band called “Memphis Charm”!! (Ah yes…the allure of Memphis and it’s musical history)
So we played on the new stage still under construction downstairs at the ‘Black Swan Tavern’ on the Danforth in Toronto!

Let the holiday shopping begin Nov. 22 —with a creative twist!

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We’re coming up to near one month to go until Christmas Day, the hallmark still generally regarded —despite the wonderful multiplicity of other cultural celebrations also observed in Toronto this time of year— as the central occasion of the “holiday” and gift-giving season.

Welcome to the Official Website of Harpin’ Norm Lucien

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Harpin’ Norm Lucien walked into a kitchen jam in a  pub in downtown Toronto, joined in on harmonica and quickly found himself in the embrace of the Toronto music community! Gradually playing just about every style backing  just about every musician he picked up the moniker ‘Harpin’ Norm! As friends often joke –                                                        “Harpin’ will play with anyone!!” 

This month’s talented ‘Nashville Bound’ troupe really is –

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On the fourth Sunday of each month for the past nearly half-year, elegant Folk songwriter and genial host Glen Hornblast has been shepherding a stellar showcase series that brings together several talented Roots/Country artists to each do a set as part of his Nashville Bound series at Free Times Café.

Saturday Sessions at Black Swan – Featured Artist Harpin’ Norm

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Down on the Danforth lives a boy name Brian Gladestone who is the director of Winterfolk Blues Festival and the Saturday Sessions. Held upstairs of the Black Swan every Saturday afternoon is a place where upcoming artists in Toronto get a place to meet and jam. This week’s feature is Harpin’ Norm a singer song writer who prefers to call himself just a harp player. I met Norm several years ago as he was working on his craft at Grossmans Tavern.

Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward covers “Strong Enough For Love” by Harpin’ Norm Lucien

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You can order her new CD “Strong Enough For Love” here … http://www.songbirdartist.com/ “I love this song that was written by a friend Harpin’ Norm Lucien, so much that I decided to do my own version of it on my second album released this past summer. Listen to the words they are incredibly moving and there’s an important message there. We ‘ARE‘ strong enough for love!”

Harpin’ Norm to host ‘Hirut Howl’ Wednesdays 8-11

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You may notice a somewhat different style of event if you go to Hirut at 2050 Danforth Ave. on a Wednesday night now that I’ve left off hosting my open stages there.

‘Nashville Norm’ Lucien takes spotlight himself Wed. at Hirut

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On Facebook and on the credits for his song “The World’s Strongest Man” that appears on the ‘SongTown Vol. 3: Nashville’ compilation album, he’s known as “Harpin’ Norm Luicien” .