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Harpin’ Norm Lucien walked into a kitchen jam in a  pub in downtown Toronto, joined in on harmonica and quickly found himself in the embrace of the Toronto music community! Gradually playing just about every style backing  just about every musician he picked up the moniker ‘Harpin’ Norm! As friends often joke –                                                        “Harpin’ will play with anyone!!” 


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Lookin’ for an original Christmas Song to listen to or sing? In the navigation bar of my web site click on ‘Music’ Listen to song ‘Praise The Christmas Birth’ in ‘Music’ SHARE my web site www.harpinnorm.com on your Facebook or Twitter or both(use the icon) Add your email to my ‘Contact Norm’  (Maybe a note on how much you like the song) I will email you an mp3 of my song, ‘Praise The Christmas Birth’ ..and let you know when other stuff happens.  Have a Wonder-Filled Winter!


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The new CD…                                       Harpin’ Norm’s                                                 The World’s Strongest Man Includes original songs, four on which Harpin’ is joined by  Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward. Lovely songs and harmonies, fab harmonica! How Much Love Strong Enough For Love Raise Your Candles The Sparkle In Your Eyes Never Again I Used To Stop At Nothing Turn My Eyes Away Anything For Love Above The Trees I’ll Love You ‘Till The Cows Come Home The World’s Strongest Man Buy physical CD here: Buy Digital CD (iTunes):...

“Food And Water First”….destroy all the water and life won’t be worth the bother…’HNL

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New Song! ‘Save Midhurst Now/Money Talks’

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The little town of ‘Midhurst’, Ontario is under siege by developers and an odd loop hole! Don’t let the most important wetland in Ontario be destroyed! also check out;     https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gPJ5H31snFM Listen and Share: “SAVE MIDHURST NOW/MONEY TALKS” http://www.harpinnorm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Save-Midhurst-Now_Money-Talks-2.mp3

Harpin’ @ The Free Times Cafe!

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Catch me harpin’ away and playin’ some of them there original tunes that I do, at “The Free Times Cafe” this Tuesday, September 22 from 8-10pm.

Harpin’ Norm EP Now Available….!!!

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So Now…..if you catch me out and about and would like to own a set of my songs in process then just wave a fiver in front of me  and say ‘Gimme Da Goods’ and I will hand over”The Stars All Around”… an EP collection of five of my tunes! People have bin askin’ so here yah go!!I did up fifty of these for Lithuania and they went like hot cakes (Thank You!) so I did up some more for the rest of the world Harpin’ @...

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